DWJ Series Low-temperature Pulverizer

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The low temperature pulverizer system is suitable for various types of oily, viscous material that cannot shatter at room temperature, widely used in a variety of food, chemical, Chinese herbal medicine, metallurgy, plastics and other fields.

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The machine is made up of bunker, mechanical crusher, induced draft fan, cyclone separator and liquid nitrogen(user self-match).

The low temperature pulverizer system with liquid nitrogen as the cold source, the material getting into the mechanical grinder cavity and then passing through the high speed rotation of the impeller after cooling at low temperature to realize the state of brittle grinding, the repeated impact, collision, shear, friction and other comprehensive effect between the material and the blade, tooth plate, the material and the material to achieve the crushing effect; After being crushed material flow sieving machine classification and collection, the material that does not meet the requirements of fineness return to the bunker continue crushing, most of the cooling air return bin recycling.

Cold source of the low temperature pulverizer system to form a closed loop system, so that the energy can be fully used to save energy in the process of crushing material; The cold source temperature can be reduced to -196 degree, the temperature can be adjusted in the grinding process according to the brittle point temperature of the material, to select the best grinding temperature, reduce energy consumption. Grinding fineness can reach 20-600 mesh, and even achieve micron fineness. Using liquid nitrogen as the grinding media, to achieve super low temperature grinding, anti-explosion, anti-oxidation of materials and other comprehensive results.

Technical Parameters

Model DWJ-200 DWJ-450
main shaft rotation speed(r/min) 0-6000 0-4500
main motor power(kw) 7.5 55
fan power(kw) 3 7.5
total power(kw) 15 65
coolants liquid nitrogen liquid nitrogen
Operating temperature(℃) 0—-196 0—-196
grinding capacity(kg/h) 30-400 100-1000
grinding fitness(mesh) 20-500 20-500
dimension(mm) 1600×1100×1700 4000×2000×2200
weight(kg) 400 3000

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