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About Us


About Fasten Group

Fasten Group was founded in 1964, after 58 years’ effort, we have grown into a large diversified group mainly engaged in five industries like metal products, optical communications, asset management, precise machinery and supply chain management. We possess nearly 50 wholly owned, holding and joint-venture enterprises, and more than 10,000 employees, producing 850,000 tons of wire and rope products every year and plays an important role in both domestic and overseas market.

Being one of the first batch of national innovative enterprises of southern Jiangsu, the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 500 private enterprises in China, Fasten has a high reputation in the global metal products industry. In 2015, Fasten was honored as a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise. In 2016, Fasten is one of China’s national model enterprises as a wire and cable manufacturer, won the award at the fourth China Grand Awards for industry.

Fasten Group has a National Metal Wire Product Engineering Technology Research Center and a metal material testing center allowing us to be at the forefront of many national key scientific and technological projects, and undertaking secretariat of the Steel Wire Rope Subcommittee of Steel Technology Committee in SAC (SAC/TC 183/SC 12) as well as Steel Wire Ropes Technology Committee in International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC105).

"Innovation, Perfection, Credibility, Harmony" Fasten spirit leads us to a better future!

Heavy machinery
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Wood industry

About Fasten Hopesun

Fasten Hopesun Equipment is established by Fasten Group, integrating five production sites, which are Fasten Precision Machinery, Fasten Hopesun Heavy Industry,  Fasten Hopesun Wood Products and other related enterprises, committed to develop and becoming a first-class provider of manufacturing in metal products equipment and a global supplier of high-precision equipment parts.

Supported by Fasten Technology Center, the National Innovation Center of Southern Jiangsu and the Metal Material Testing Center, Fasten Hopesun has a reliable technology R&D team, covering a group of backbone technical talents in metal and polymer materials, mechanical structure and molding, automatic intelligent control, software programming and optoelectronics. There are 11 technicians with professional and senior titles, 31 technicians with middle titles. There are 3 skill master studios in Wuxi and Jiangyin with 15 senior technicians and . 

We are cooperated with Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Southern Yangtze University, Zhejiang University and relevant scientific research institutions, has been a leading enterprise in intelligent manufacturing, automatic control, professional software development and high-speed equipment.

What We Do

We are specialized in Metal Products Equipment and Accessories, High Precision Equipment Parts, Power Equipment and Food Processing Equipment.

stranding machine

Metal products equipment include LZ dry drawing machine, LT wet drawing machine, GGZ stranding machine, heat treatment line, heat galvanizing line, electric galvanizing line, various take-up and pay-off, and production line can be customed according to requirements, as well as customed accessories like drawing dies (tungsten steel die, polycrystalline die), threading nozzle,  various spools (made of iron, aluminum, wood, plastic polymers, etc.), various wooden pallets and package boxes for wire drawing, stranding and finished products, so as to provide customers with one-stop services from production to delivery.

Power equipment include open type genset, soundproof type genset, container type genset portable genset, vehicle power station, etc. Engine of genset adopts famous and stable Yuchai, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, power covers from 1 kVA to 3000kVA. We provide the customers with complete power solutions, such as switches between genset and mains, switches between double genset and mains in turn, parallel operation, grid connected, wind-solar-electricity complementary, distributed energy sources, etc. All genset can operate in special conditions like high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, cold weather and desert.

generator workshop
High-tech office equipment part (1)

High precision equipment parts include modern office equipment parts, modern communication equipment parts, automobile parts, precision parts of household electrical equipment, medical equipment parts, ATM equipment parts, motorcycle engine parts and various high-precision bar (alloy) products.

Food processing equipment include crusher, grinding machine, screening machine, mixing machine, granulator, drying machine, etc. Mainly applicable for the food industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Why Choose Us

processing equipment

Fasten Hopesun covers 20,000 square meters, factory area is 15,000 square meters with machining workshop, welding workshop, cold stamping workshop, assembly workshop and electrical workshop.

We have a number of advanced processing equipment, including GRU32x80 gantry boring and milling machine, DMG MORI NHC5000 horizontal machining center, DMG MORI CTX510 turning center, vertical machining center, DMC1035V TOS VARNSDOR horizontal boring and milling center and other imported large equipment for key tooling. There are more than 50 Japanese STAR series CNC automatic lathes, more than 40 grinders, 5 automatic 250t-500t CNC die casting equipment and a large number of common machining equipment. 

There are 3 coordinate detector, Emerson CSI2130 online dynamic balance and vibration detector, CU10 hole shape detector imported from Norway and a batch of measuring projector, which guarantee the quality of equipment.

The quality of equipment is strictly in accordance with ISO9001 standard. All materials are purchased under incoming quality control, the main parts are famous brands and will be tested by inspection personnel according to product quality control. The final products are confirmed to meet the users’ requirements and provided with qualification certificate.

testing equipment
stranding machine

We have always been developing in both international and domestic markets, and has maintained long-term cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Bekaert, Korea steel Kiswire, Tokyo steel Tokyo, Fuji of Japan, Koskerler of Turkey, FREZPOL SP Z0.0. of Poland, GARG INOX LIMITED of India, DKG of Uzbekistan, PT. KINGDOM INDAH of Indonesia, SPINDEX of Singapore, Suzuki of Japan and other foreign-funded enterprises.

We provide complete sets of metal products equipment and related product service for a large number of domestic steel wire rope enterprises such as Ansteel, Xianyang BOMCO, Ningxia Hengli, Xinjiang Bagang, Xianggang steel rope, Jiangxi Xinyu metal, Tianjin Goldsun, Suzhou Hitachi metal, Suzhou Brugg, Nantong Yunyu, etc.