WFJ Series Mini-efficient Pulverizer

Short Description:

The machine is made up of grinding main machine, micro powder collection device, powder transport pipe and control cabinet. It is equipped with air classification device to adjust the size of finished product and prevent over grinding. The powder is transported into helix separated machine by negative pressure and collected by cloth bag deduster, and then discharged through discharge valve. It is the ideal grinding machine for medicine industry, food industry and chemical industry.

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Material is transported into crushing chamber by screw conveyor and crashed by high-speed rotating cutter. Transporting material into helix separated machine by negative pressure and discharging material through bag deduster. The powder is filtered and recycled by cloth bag. There is no flying dust during producing process, it improves the utilization ratio of material and reduces the production cost of company.

Technical Parameters

Model WFJ-15 WFJ-30 WFJ-60 WFJ-80
Production capacity(kg/h) 40-150 80-400 150-1000 200-1500
Feed size(mm) <10 <10 <10 <10
Discharge size(mesh) 40-300 40-300 40-300 40-300
Total power(kw) 18.32 44 81 103
Main rotating speed(r/min) 5500 3650 2900 2300
Weight (kg) 1300 2000 4000 5500

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