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Fasten Hopesun household appliances equipment part is widely used in washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, floor sweepers, lawn mowers and other household appliances. All the incoming material will be checked carefully before production, the products are under strict processing quality control and we will have 100% inspection before shipment. The main material can be bass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy aluminum alloy etc.

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Production equipment

Production equipment (3)

CNC Japan star12-star32 series CNC automatic lathe (center lathe), CITIZEN turret machine

It is mainly used to produce all kinds of 2.8mm-42mm round shaft and cylindrical complex parts, and is widely used in OA office, household appliances, electronic parts, medical devices, automobile and motorcycle engine parts, UAV parts and complex structural parts

Doosan CNC vertical machining center

The CNC vertical machining center workbench is 400*600, mainly used for milling and drilling, and is effectively used for the processing of precision components of automobile and motorcycle engines. 

Production equipment (2)
Production equipment (1)

Coreless Grinder Machine

Maximum grinding diameter 40 mm, grinding precision 5um, polishing accuracy 1.53um

Testing equipment

Production equipment (4)

Coordinates Device

Accuracy: 0.0001mm

Production equipment (6)
Production equipment (5)

Projection Detector

What we do

We are specialized in metal products equipment and accessories, high precision equipment parts, power equipment and food processing equipment.

Metal products equipment include LZ dry drawing machine, LT wet drawing machine, GGZ stranding machine, heat treatment line, heat galvanizing line, electric galvanizing line, various take-up and pay-off, and production line can be customed according to requirements, as well as customed accessories like drawing dies (tungsten steel die, polycrystalline die), threading nozzle,  various spools (made of iron, aluminum, wood, plastic polymers, etc.), various wooden pallets and package boxes for wire drawing, stranding and finished products, so as to provide customers with one-stop services from production to delivery.

Power equipment include open type genset, soundproof type genset, container type genset portable genset, vehicle power station, etc. Engine of genset adopts famous and stable Yuchai, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, power covers from 1 kVA to 3000kVA. We provide the customers with complete power solutions, such as switches between genset and mains, switches between double genset and mains in turn, parallel operation, grid connected, wind-solar-electricity complementary, distributed energy sources, etc. All genset can operate in special conditions like high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, cold weather and desert.

High precision equipment parts include modern office equipment parts, modern communication equipment parts, automobile parts, precision parts of household electrical equipment, medical equipment parts, ATM equipment parts, motorcycle engine parts and various high-precision bar (alloy) products.

Food processing equipment include crusher, grinding machine, screening machine, mixing machine, granulator, drying machine, etc.

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