Communication equipment shaft and bar rod

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Fasten Hopesun communication equipment part is widely used in wired communication, wireless communication, car wearing communication, navigation communication and other communication industries, supporting mobile phones, computers, industrial field serial communication, communication conversion equipment, wireless bridge, wireless network card, antenna, radar and other equipment.

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Production equipment

Production equipment (3)

CNC Japan star12-star32 series CNC automatic lathe (center lathe), CITIZEN turret machine

It is mainly used to produce all kinds of 2.8mm-42mm round shaft and cylindrical complex parts, and is widely used in OA office, household appliances, electronic parts, medical devices, automobile and motorcycle engine parts, UAV parts and complex structural parts

Doosan CNC vertical machining center

The CNC vertical machining center workbench is 400*600, mainly used for milling and drilling, and is effectively used for the processing of precision components of automobile and motorcycle engines. 

Production equipment (2)
Production equipment (1)

Coreless Grinder Machine

Maximum grinding diameter 40 mm, grinding precision 5um, polishing accuracy 1.53um

Testing equipment

Production equipment (4)

Coordinates Device

Accuracy: 0.0001mm

Production equipment (6)
Production equipment (5)

Projection Detector

About Fasten Hopesun

Jiangsu Fasten Hopesun Equipment Co., Ltd. is established by Fasten Group, integrating Jiangyin Fasten Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Fasten Hopesun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Fasten Hopesun Wood Products Co., Ltd. and other related enterprises, committed to develop and becoming a first-class provider of manufacturing in metal products equipment and a global supplier of high-precision equipment parts.

Supported by Fasten Technology Center, the National Innovation Center of Southern Jiangsu and the Metal Material Testing Center, Fasten Hopesun has a reliable technology R&D team, covering a group of backbone technical talents in metal and polymer materials, mechanical structure and molding, automatic intelligent control, software programming and optoelectronics. There are 11 technicians with professional and senior titles, 31 technicians with middle titles. There are 3 skill master studios in Wuxi and Jiangyin with 15 senior technicians and . 

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