Mobile power storage system

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The mobile power storage system uses diesel generator and power storage as the main power source, provides a new power supply mode for emergency power and outdoor power security. The system is designed with continuous uninterrupted power supply and switch, equipped with photovoltaic and wind power interfaces, it is long endurable, convenient and reliable.

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1. High quality power supply to meet the requirements of high-power quality load.

2. Wider scope of application, with fast switching "zero flicker" to ensure uninterrupted power supply of load.

3. Power storage integrated design, complementary advantages, suitable for long-term power supply, no limit by energy storage capacity.

4. Lithium titanate battery can be configured to meet the operation requirements of low temperature environment (-35℃).

5. The configuration is flexible, and the photovoltaic power can be equipped according to the user's needs.

6. The ability to quickly start with load and deal with various sudden environment situation.

7. Professional perfect protection function, simple operation, stable and reliable performance, meeting all kinds of harsh environment.

8. Highly intelligent and unattended, can transform to various application modes.

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