Polycrystalline diamond tungsten drawing die

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Fasten Hopesun provides various dies commonly used to reduce the diameter of various ferrous and non-ferrous rods and wires. Applications include various grades of low, medium and high carbon steels, steel alloys, stainless steel, welding wire as well as various non-ferrous rods and wires. There are also other dies like pressing die, adjusting die, big pull die, prestressed steel strand dedicated drawing die, wet drawing die, polymerization and wet drawing die, lattice die, etc. Our drawing dies give the manufacturer the ability to maintain uniform wire roundness, minimizing material usage and scrap, meet your quality requirements.

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1.100% raw material and recycle material

2. Hip sintered, high hardness, high wear resistance

3. Various sizes and full types available

4. Reasonable price with fast delivery time

5. OEM Customized (Accept trial order, professional technical support)

6.ISO 9001 Certification 


Product Polycrystalline diamond die
Features Made from high quality PCD die blanks

Excellent reinforcement ensures best die life

High hardness, good wear resistance

Innovation polish process provides high quality finish of die and best delivery

Size available from 0.05 mm to 25 mm, can draw larger size wires

Product Diamond coated dies
Features Ultra-smooth tool surface

Low friction coefficient

High diameter accuracy

High wear resistance

Available for large diameters

Product Tungsten carbide
Features Usable for dry and wet draw

Custom case sizes available

Various carbide grades available

Low-cost dies

Starting from 0.1 mm

Product Shape dies
Features Gradually deform from one shape into another

Tight dimension tolerances

Die set engineering available

Available in TC, PCD,SCD, SCD, DC and ND

Starting from 0.1 mm

In order to the use of tungsten carbide drawing dies more efficient, there are five points for attention: the choice of equipment, pretreatment of wire material, choosing appropriate lubricant, exception handing, change fossilized dies in time.

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